02/04/2013 6:59pm

Bro, you need more explanation on your site...

04/30/2013 12:55pm

after new Update game don t working anymore Deck , if i wanna go ind Deck Edit game Error and Break down

and the Windows server and this are not the same , last time i don t find my Friends, they are on Windows :(

BUT GUY U ARE ASWOME ! :) i love that now is possible for MAC

i play this game on BOOTCAMP i have it only YGOPRO ;D

pls make posible that MAC USER can Play XD i love u for this u are the best

05/12/2013 3:38pm

I'd love to see an explanation on the gaming mechanics. Can you earn cards in single mode? I see lots of videos on changing the skin background, can we get a link or vid on how to do it for a Mac (specifically)? Stuff like that. How to's i guess is what im asking and more specifically How to's for Mac only videos. Other than that YOU ARE AWESOME!!! I'm just nit picking.

04/12/2014 7:47pm

I can't scroll on the deck builder properly when I'm looking through cards on the search results..

What scrolling does is: Jerks the the scroll bar and hence, the whole result. It goes up and down rapidly.. (I'm using the trackpad on my MBP)

Also, the banlist is out of date.

I really like this program so pls, if you could be so kind to fix these problems. I want to use this over DN.. but since I'm new, I might accidentally use banned cards and buy them thinking that they are not :(

10/13/2014 4:45pm

I am trying to update the program after first installing it, however, when I try to update { 1.032.1 V2 Duelist Set Lightlord Judgment and Machine-Gear Troopers } the program looks like it is downloading successfully, but then when the YGOPRO pops back up, a small pop-up appears saying that an update is needed. This update is the same as the update above. So, the update never finishes. Can you please help me fix this. Thanks, and talk later.


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